How long is a day (when renting equipment)?

Most of the time, we try to allow the customer to keep the machine for 24 hours. Saturdays are slightly different because we are closed on Sundays. If you rent on Saturday for the day, whether you pickup at 4pm on Friday or 8am on Saturday, it is still due back on Saturday at 4pm because we will rent that piece of inventory for a Sunday rental. Sunday rentals are usually picked up or delivered between 4-5pm and then due back at 8am Monday (or we pickup Monday morning). It is a ONE DAY RENTAL. Most machines are metered and a day rental rate is based on 8 hours of machine usage. Any usage over 8 hours in a day, 40 in a week, is proportionally charged to the customer.

When is my first price break?

When you rent for the weekend, Friday night until Monday morning is a day and a half charge instead of two days. When you rent for a week, you pay for 3.5 days (3 days on some items) and you keep the item for 7 days.

Does Y-BY Rental deliver the equipment or must the customer pick it up?

Either way. Delivery fees are calculated according to mileage, or you may opt to save the fee and pick up yourself. Trailers are available for rent for any equipment, although you must have a truck of suitable capacity to tow the load. We do NOT deliver for the half day rate. Sometimes exceptions are made locally when we aren't busy.

When is payment due?

Payment is due when you receive the items. You can pay with cash or credit card, however, having a credit card on file is important b/c it will allow you to extend the rental if you need to do so (without having to stop into our office and pay cash).

What type of ID is required to rent?

Due to our insurance, we require that you provide us with a valid NJ driver's license. If you have an out of state license, sometimes we can make an exception if you pay with a major credit card (not a debit card).

Can we get a credit application?

Absolutely. We are more than happy to open up an account for you to make it easier for you to come in and rent.

How long is a half day?

A half day is 4 hours. It used to be three hours, but we gave some travel time, so now it is just four hours from the time you take the machine until the time it is due back.

Is there a cleaning charge if I return something dirty?

Equipment needs to be returned as clean as you received it. Additional charges may apply.

Do I have to return the equipment full of fuel?

All equipment is rented to you full of fuel. On all equipment with more than a few gallon fuel capacity, the unit must be returned to us full, or fuel charges will apply.

Do you have a damage waiver charge?

We have never had a damage waiver charge and probably never will. We see it as a hidden fee that the rental industry tries to justify hitting you with.

Can I return equipment after hours?

Rentals must be returned during business hours. Equipment left unattended after hours is not recognized as returned. Contracts will continue running and the equipment is still the responsibility of the lessee.

Should I make a reservation?

We book items, first come, first serve. It is always good to have a reservation. That way the items is prepped for you AND it is available for you. We do NOT require a down payment to make a reservation.

Do you require a security deposit?

We do NOT require a security deposit when renting equipment. Just payment in full and a valid NJ Driver's License.

What are your store hours?

8am-5pm, Monday through Saturday, Closed on Sundays.

Will you give me a lesson on how to use the machine I am renting?

We will give you a very thorough description on how to use the machine. We won't let you use it until you feel comfortable.

Do you sell used equipment?

We aren't very big into selling used equipment, but we can always work up a price for you.

How do I get a quote?

An online Rental Request is the quickest and easiest way to get rate quotes. Just submit your request and, within 24 hours, you will receive an email with rate quotes and the information you need to rent your equipment

How old do you have to be in order to rent?

You must be 18 years or older in order to rent from Y-BY Rental.

What if I need to extend my rental?

Just give us a call. As long as it isn't booked behind you, you are more than welcome to extend the rental.

Do you have trailers?

We rent dump trailers, but other than that, the trailers that we rent only go out with our equipment.

Why should I rent instead of buy?

Minimum Equipment Inventory/Disposal Costs

Equipment ownership can be very expensive, especially when the equipment is idle, as owned equipment often is. By combining ownership of basic equipment with rental equipment as needed, idle time and cost is minimized.

Right Equipment for the Job

Ownership of equipment can add two hidden, but very real costs to your job. 1) Inefficiency due to the use of the wrong size or type of equipment, and 2) additional hidden costs of maintenance and repair incurred by using your own equipment. Rental equipment ensures the right equipment for the job.


Warehousing sites are seldom needed for rental equipment. We do the storage for you.


Virtually all equipment is subject to breakdown. However, when rented equipment breaks down, it can be quickly replaced by our rental company, at no cost to you. Time losses or breakdown of owned equipment are eliminated along with the cost of repairs.


Equipment rented includes full maintenance. You need no repair shop, no spare parts inventory, no mechanics, no added maintenance payroll or maintenance record keeping.

Equipment Obsolescence

Manufacturers are constantly trying to capture a bigger share of the construction market by designing new, better, and faster equipment. Ownership involves the risk of rising wage costs and slower job completion time due to owning equipment that has become slow and inefficient compared to new models. Renting allows you to have an updated inventory of the latest equipment.

Cost Control

Better cost control is possible with rented equipment. Knowing the true costs of equipment owned is difficult. Rented equipment offers you just one accountable cost figure...the cost shown on the rental invoice.

Inventory Control

Business owners will find you have less inventory loss due to pilferage when you rent equipment rather than purchase it. Although at first glance this may seem strange, there is a very logical reason for it. The presence of continuous billing on rented items tends to establish accountability for them. It is difficult to establish accountability with a large amount of miscellaneous equipment that is owned. On the other hand, equipment rented from us, and must be returned at some time, somehow seems to be watched with sharper eyes...and we even call you if the item hasn't been returned by the time you state. A piece that you own could be missing for months without being noticed.

Tax Savings

Renting is a direct expense which is important at tax time. Purchased equipment must be depreciated over a period of time.

Conservation of Capital

Renting equipment, rather than owning, frees capital for other, potentially more profitable uses.

Increase in Borrowing Capacity

The renter generally finds borrowing easier because he has a better ratio of assets to liabilities since the equipment does not appear as a liability on the balance sheet

Special Offers

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